"This is not a personal experience."

I can't believe that deleting my Facebook passes for a major life event these days...

I deleted my Facebook. I just... can't be there anymore.

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Strange days, not like before
Hi there. Its been... years. Many years. This will more than likely be one of those posts where someone muses about using LJ again, but, hey, maybe this time will be different, right?

So lemme bring you up to speed:

I left Fresno in June of 2009 with no job prospects and a baby on the way with a woman I barely knew. I moved in with my best friend and his girlfriend (now wife) in the East Bay and quit smoking pot. I went to work for a temp agency in Los Altos who hired me out to Stanford Hospital and Clinics; my first position was as a data entry tech for the hospital's employee flu clinic, followed by a short run at customer service, a six month special assignment with their finance department, and finally four months as the receptionist for Design and Construction during the build-up to the construction of Lucile Packard's new hospital.

I met a lot of new people and developed something resembling healthier relationships than I had in Fresno. I got back into roleplaying games, specifically Pathfinder, the inheritor of D&D's crown. I started dating an amazing woman named Kim, and we've been together for four years.

After the run at Stanford I hit a dry period for awhile, until finally a friend of mine got me an interview at the Westin St. Francis hotel in San Francisco's Union Square. This was, by far, the best job I ever had. I loved the job, the hotel, the city, and the people, and it may have, in fact, been the first time in my life that I had coworkers that really liked me. But I just wasn't up to the task, so, after 8 months, they showed me the door. A few months later I was back at Stanford (the university this time) working in the Green Library helping them move books out in preparation for the demolition of the building. Eventually they moved me to a depository out in the East Bay where they were storing many of their most sensitive collections, including a large collection of letters written by Soviet bloc schoolchildren urging the President (Nixon at the time, I think) to release Angela Davis from prison. That job ended in April. At that point, completely out of the blue, an old friend of mine contacted me about joining her startup, which turned out to be a medical marijuana collective. I had incredibly high hopes about this, seeing as we're on the verge of total legalization, but it didn't pan out, and the collective completely collapsed 5 months after it started. So, here I am... on the verge of 40 and unemployed. Again.

On the bright side -- my daughter, Katelynn, was born in February of 2010. She's on the verge of kindergarten. She's amazing, but I don't get to see her very much. The absence of her from my life is like a cloud hanging over everything, but, for lack of a more descriptive term, I am an adult, and I soldier on.

I've moved into Kim's place up here in the Santa Cruz mountains. We have three cats, 19 redwoods, nice neighbors, and hopes for the future. I've even been working on a novel.

So... anyone out there?

"You've Got Time" - Regina Spektor

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(12:16:41 PM) squishybogslug: I almost got into a fight with some young rich bros on Saturday night at the sci-fi con I was at.
(12:18:33 PM) CandiruLove: =-O
(12:18:37 PM) CandiruLove: what happened and in what context
(12:18:41 PM) CandiruLove: THIS IS STORY WORTHY
(12:18:46 PM) CandiruLove: *sits down with peanuts*
(12:19:33 PM) squishybogslug: We were working Baycon, a scifi/fantasy con at the Hyatt Regency in Santa Clara (Silicon Valley area).
(12:20:30 PM) squishybogslug: Four day long con... on Saturday night, another event intersected with us -- The Assyrian Group, an organization for Syrian Christians trying to keep their culture and language alive, was having a big shindig in a ballroom of the attached convention center.
(12:20:58 PM) squishybogslug: The bar was in the hotel, so our two groups mixed. Most of them were well behaved, but a number of the young men were complete douchebags.
(12:21:35 PM) squishybogslug: And they were all dressed like Kardashians... we kept calling them the Jersey Shore LARP or Kardashian cosplayers.
(12:22:02 PM) squishybogslug: Apparently some of them were groping costumed women from our group in the bar area, which is, I'm told, frowned upon.
(12:22:31 PM) squishybogslug: Well Kim and I were at the Sci-fi Burlesque show they were performing, and we'd started to get, uh, frisky, so we decided to go up to our room.
(12:23:41 PM) squishybogslug: In the foyer by the elevators there was a young douchey little bro who was dressed like a Toyota salesman having a tense argument with another guy from the Assyrian group. They were surrounded by nervous girls who looked like they all bought they're cocktail dresses at the same place.
(12:23:46 PM) squishybogslug: *their
(12:24:52 PM) squishybogslug: they got on an elevator, then we got on another one. When I got up to the fourth floor, I saw them getting into it with one of our musicians, who'd been woken up by them yelling at each other. She was like 5 foot nothing and there were three big lads towering over her, saying nasty shit and telling her to go back to bed.
(12:25:52 PM) squishybogslug: So I stood there to make sure nothing bad happened, but they started walking off before that. The lady they were threatening called on of them a bitch, they turned back and hurled some more insulted as they were walking away. The lady went back into her room and I turned to leave, but I made sure they heard me say "fucking douchebags".
(12:26:35 PM) squishybogslug: That pissed the toyota salesman with his faux hawk off, so he came back as I was walking back and yelled something like "fuck you you harry potter muthafucker! fucking world of warcraft, star wars, blahblahblah"
(12:26:52 PM) squishybogslug: I yelled back "Harry Potter would kicked *your* ass, little boy"
(12:27:40 PM) squishybogslug: He comes back around the corner and stands at the opposite end and its suddenly junior high school again. "You wanna go, bro?!" he yells. "you wanna get your ass kicked? I'll fuck you up, Harry Potter."
(12:28:43 PM) squishybogslug: Now... in retrospect, I wish I had said something like "Oh, fuck off, Malfoy", but what I did was make a big, mocking show of throwing my hands up and saying, childishly, "Oh NO! I'm gonna get my ass kicked!!! Whatever shall I do?!!! Oh, please, someone save me from this douchebag! I'm soooo scared!!!"
(12:30:00 PM) squishybogslug: By this time, Kim was annoyed and was like "Get inside the room, Dan, please". So I went to the door, giggling, while the guy ran down the hall towards me. Our door was around the corner, we got inside just as he made it to us, and he started kicking the door and yelling. So I gave a loud, Nelson-style "HAW HAW" through the door and called security.
(12:30:30 PM) squishybogslug: I had security busting up laughing when I told them the story.
(12:30:49 PM) CandiruLove: please post this story someplace.
(12:32:37 PM) squishybogslug: Can't put it on my facebook... maybe my old LJ.
(12:32:41 PM) CandiruLove: preferably on the assyrian association website.

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You know I've had a Livejournal for the past 11 1/2 years? I'm pretty sure the last two don't count.


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